Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Giving Tree

My early mornings and evenings are spent outside on my patio in prayer and meditation. I sit under this beautiful tree that has become the centerpiece of my quiet time. Typically, I close my eyes to pray and mediate; however, tonight was different.  As I attempted to close my eyes, I was struck by the absolute exquisiteness of this tree that has been my silent prayer companion over the years. She has heard them all and seen me at my most vulnerable. The prayers of thanksgiving for all the wonderful blessings in my life. Prayers of love and protection over my family and friends. She’s heard the many tears I’ve shed when my heart was broken or I was pushing through a painful trial. And, been witness to the countless hours of meditation as I seek direction in my life and work toward refining myself. 
Tonight, I once again became fully aware of her powerful presence. We are similar, she and I.  We are strongly rooted, adaptable, unwavering and resilient and have weathered many a storm. If a part of us breaks, we heal and rejuvenate ourselves. We represent a life force, steadfast reliability and a place of solitude. 

As I pray and mediate tonight, I do so with deep gratitude for the beauty in front of me.  For the symbolic and sentimental nature this beautiful tree brings. God is always in the details, but sometimes we need to have our eyes truly open to wholly appreciate and see them. Tonight was one such night!