Sunday, July 13, 2014

Broken Into But Not Stolen

Last Friday evening I returned home from a wonderful 4th of July celebration with several close friends, only to find our home had been broken into.  Thankfully, nothing had been stolen, but our home had indeed been intruded upon.  I’m keenly in tune with the energy and rituals of our home and sensed immediately, upon entering, that something had upset its balance. There was an unsettling feeling that prompted me to cautiously walk through my home.  Additionally, I have two fiercely protective dogs that appeared highly agitated upon my arrival.  They had come to greet me from the back of the house versus their usual spots on the couches in the front room.  As I approached my kitchen I straightaway realized what my heightened sense of concern was about.

I have a large decorative cabinet that resides underneath my kitchen window.  The contents atop the cabinet had been removed and placed on the floor.  The kitchen window was opened, which was disturbing because I had closed all the windows earlier in the day to run the air conditioning.  There were also muddy footprints on the cabinet.  Noticing all of the above took mere seconds and immediately, panic and fear shot through me.  I yelled to my dogs “let’s go” and ran out of the house into my car and promptly called 911.  I also called my son who was staying at our friends Terry and Susie’s that night.  Terry had kindly come with some friends and my son in tow to stay with me until the police arrived. 

It’s a surreal moment to be standing in front of your home but afraid to enter it.  Once the police arrived, they moved on my home in full gear with guns drawn, in the event the intruder was still there.  I became slightly emotional watching the events unfold.  Observing officers in my home with their guns drawn, announcing their presence to a potentially dangerous person is a scene I never anticipated witnessing.  The police carefully scope out each room as well as the yard.  After about 10 minutes they gave us the all clear to come inside.  They had shown us how the intruder tried to enter through several other windows but was unsuccessful due to them being locked.  For some reason the window in the kitchen was not fully locked, thus granting him access to our home.  I was filled with a myriad of emotions, the dominant one being fear.  After about two hours with the police, the photographer and forensics, I returned to my friend Susie’s to try and get some sleep.  Susie is one of my dearest and closest friends.  My female soulmate.  Her family is like family to us and her home is like a second home for my son, so it was fitting that we took refuge there.  I was riddled with anxiety and slept maybe an hour or so. 

The next morning, which came early for me, my mind was racing.  I had envisioned every safety measure possible that I wanted to implement.  I knew I needed to re-activate the alarm system, be more diligent about ensuring our windows are locked and keep a light on in the back of the house where we’re out to make it look like someone is home.  I drew the line at installing a moat with alligators, having vicious wolverines troll the property and hiring an armed guard to be onsite during our absence.  I think the lack of sleep prompted the latter.  I met with my friend Brian for breakfast.  He too is a close friend and like a brother.  He had suggested I spend another night at my friend Susie’s.  I had strongly considered doing so; however, I felt that if I was going to take my home back and move past the fear, I needed to do so sooner than later.  That evening, my son and I, committed to gaining power over this situation, battened down the hatches, whispered up prayers of protection and spent the night in our own home. 

Since the intrusion, I have walked through my home with sage and claimed each room back.  My friend Susie is a reiki master and has signed on to reiki the house as well.  It’s our way of proclaiming to the universe that we can be shaken but not broken. 

I was sharing with my son that had the intruder come into our home as a guest, we would have welcomed him.  We would have offered him food and drink, conversed and exuded compassion. We would have hugged him when he left and perhaps made a new friend.  But, that’s not how he entered. He entered as an intruder intent on doing harm.  I still have compassion for him and have prayed each night for him since.  Something has gone terribly awry in this man’s life to prompt him to make such disastrous choices; choices that will undoubtedly lead him to a prison cell or worse.
Webster’s defines a robbery as the crime of stealing from a person or place. The thief who entered our home committed to stealing its contents failed miserably in doing so.  He also failed to steal our spirit, failed to steal our determination, failed to steal our courage and failed to steal our freedom to feel safe our home.

When I was a little girl, my mom shared with me that each night she prayed that God would put angels at the four posts of the house to protect us all as we slept.  I’ve prayed that prayer many times over the years, not only for myself, but for my family and friends.  I truly believe there were angels watching over us that evening.  Not many homes get broken into and nothing stolen.  It’s as if this force field of protection drove him away.  My iPad and iPhone were right on the dining room table, in clear sight and were not taken.  My son had commented that we had the best case scenario.  We were broken into, yet nothing was stolen and no one was hurt. 

Thank you, Mom, for the prayers you prayed when I was a child and for teaching me the prayers to pray over my home.  Thank you Susie and Terry for your unwavering support and always opening your home and hearts to us.  Thank you to my friend Brian for checking in every day since to ensure we are safe.  Last, but certainly not least, thank you, God, for keeping us safe and having your angels watch over us.